Indian Institute of Technology Madras
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  • We are happy to have Prof. Moritz Riede (Oxford, UK) as a visiting faculty under the IoE scheme. We look forward to the IITM-Oxford collaboration.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Ragul and Mr. Srivatsava for receiving their PhD and MS degrees respectively at this year's convocation.
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  • ARC team at SEMICON-2023, Gandhinagar
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  • We had the pleasure of hosting Prof. Moritz Riede from the University of Oxford, UK. Moritz presented his group's work on the interplay between microstructure and disorder. We hope to see him again soon at the ARC.
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  • The team visited Prof. Adachi and Prof. Harada at Kyushu University, Japan, under the DST-JSPS bilateral project.
  • Congratulations Dr. Ragul for successfully defending your PhD thesis
  • We begin a new collaboration with Prof. Adachi's group at Kyushu University Japan under the DST-JSPS joint program
Recent publications
  • N. Sharma, Nair, N. M., Nagasarvari, G., Ray, D., and Swaminathan, P., “A review of silver nanowire-based composites for flexible electronic applications”, Flexible and Printed Electronics, 2022.
  • Investigation of 4,4′- bis [(N carbazole) styryl] biphenyl (BSB4) for a pure blue fluorescent OLED with enhanced efficiency nearing the theoretical limit (Barah, Dhruvajyoti, Sahoo, Subhamoy, Inaganti, Naga Sai Manoj, Kesavan, Haripriya, Bhattacharyya, Jayeeta and Ray, Debdutta), In Semiconductor Science and Technology, 2022.
  • Defect Mediated Small Molecular Doping of Graphene (S, Ragul, Dutta, Soumya and Ray, Debdutta), In Advanced Optical Materials, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, volume n/a, 2021.
  • Spatial Extent of Interaction between Excitons and Polarons in a Bilayer Organic Field-Effect Transistor (Kesavan, Haripriya, Sahoo, Subhamoy, Jena, Sanjoy, Bhattacharyya, Jayeeta and Ray, Debdutta), In ACS Photonics, 2021.
Congratulations to the following students for completing their degree
(a) Dr. Sanjoy Jena (PhD),
(b) Dr. Haripriya Kesavan (PhD),
(c) Dr. Deepak Bhat (PhD),
(d) Mr. I N S Manoj (MS)
Congratulations to the following student for awards:
(a) Dr. Haripriya Kesavan ( DR M MUKUNDA RAO ENDOWMENT PRIZE )
(b) Mr. I N S Manoj ( T.S.Vedagiri memorial award )