Indian Institute of Technology Madras
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About ARC

The AMOLED Research Center (ARC) aims in developing next generation AMOLED displays for smartphones, tablets, watches and wearables. The center is a National Center of Excellence and is funded by MeitY, DRDO, and Tata Sons. The center has researchers from various fields working on developing the displays. The center consists of a state-of-the-art cleanroom which houses fabrication and characterization equipment. The center started functioning from April 2021.
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R&D program on displays:

In the ARC we are working on a novel patterning technique to create AMOLED displays. The new technique promises to lower capex and opex costs for display manufacture. The aim of the center is to create a technology which will enable the growth of modular display factories. The center has capabilities of both current and next generation growth processes. The center currently focuses on small size displays such as those used in tablets, smartphones, watches etc.